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Failure Analysis

Failure analysis and root cause investigation are critical during any phase of the material life cycle. While we often think of it as occurring only as part of the quality control or service performance process, analysis during the design, feasibility, and testing phases can also provide valuable information leading to improvements in the durability and performance of new products.

METTEK has many years of experience in conducting material failure analysis investigations across a wide range of industry sectors, from oil and gas to consumer products. At METTEK, we know the importance of identifying material and process failures to avoid downtime and prevent re-occurrence, ensure structural integrity, and maximize equipment reliability.

For metals, the testing services are augmented by extensive metallography and metallurgical evaluation capabilities, which, when combined with fractography using a scanning electron microscope, can further unlock important clues in the investigation of the root causes of failure. We have qualified chemists, physicists, and materials scientists who are experienced in a wide range of analytical and investigative techniques. Scientific excellence underlies the analysis, but our overall goal is to find practical solutions to our client’s problems.