METTEK offers preparatory training for the following certifications.

  • API 571 – Corrosion and Materials and
  • API 580 – Risk Based Inspection.

METTEK’s training courses incorporate real-project material selection and RBI (Risk-Based Inspection) study projects. Both the API 580 and API 571 exams have a duration of 3.25 hours.

Industry professionals have the flexibility to advance their professional development at their own pace through on-demand eLearning training or participate in real-time instructor-led courses, available both in-person and virtually.

The API 571 exam comprises 110 questions, while the API 580 exam includes 90 questions. Among these, only 10 are pretest questions, which are not factored into the final score.

  1. API 571 – Corrosion and Materials

Obtaining the API 571 certification can significantly enhance your professional credentials, showcasing to employers and clients your advanced proficiency and comprehension in this crucial field. Exam queries for the API 571 Corrosion and Materials certification are drawn from the API RP 571 Damage Mechanisms Affecting Fixed Equipment in the Refining Industry.

The Body of Knowledge for the API 571 exam encompasses the entirety of API RP 571, 3rd edition (2020). API 571 discusses damage mechanisms relevant to oil refineries but can also be extrapolated to petrochemical and various industrial contexts. For each damage mechanism delineated, the exam assesses the following aspects: Mechanism Name, Damage Description, Affected Materials, Critical Factors, Impacted Units or Equipment, Appearance or Morphology of Damage, Prevention/Mitigation Strategies, and Inspection and Monitoring Techniques.

  1. API 580 – Risk Based Inspection

The API 580 exam encompasses fundamental minimum and recommended components for establishing, executing, and sustaining a Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) program. Additionally, the exam addresses guidance for owner-users, operators, and equipment designers regarding the creation and execution of an inspection regimen for pressure-containing equipment.

The API 580 Risk-Based Inspection certification examination evaluates an individual’s comprehension and proficiency in the domain of Risk-Based Inspection. The Body of Knowledge for the API 580 exam is rooted in API RP 580 Risk-Based Inspection.

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