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Software Development for Corrosion Modeling and Material Selection

Our software development efforts aim to provide operators with the tools they need to optimize asset availability and minimize inspection costs. At METTEK, we specialize in supporting major projects focused on corrosion rate estimation and materials selection.

We are actively engaged in developing corrosion modeling programs and contributing to material selection standards committees. Our approach involves meticulously crafting corrosion rate calculation models, drawing upon laboratory data and comparing it with field performance data and scientific literature.

Through our work, we aim to establish a foundation for corrosion modeling that enables the evaluation of corrosion rates for carbon steel, facilitates the selection of corrosion-resistant alloys for sour service applications, and ensures materials compliance with international standards such as NACE MR0175, API 6A, API 5CT, and others.

Please feel free to email us at info@mettek.com to initiate a discussion regarding how METTEK can assist with your needs concerning Corrosion Modeling and Material Selection.